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Slow Website Speed Kills Conversions

Every second delay in your website loads may result in a loss of 1% of your revenue. Don’t take my words – that’s what Amazon found in a recent study.

1% for every second? That’s kind of a big deal to me!

Obviously, I am not Amazon ...but I like high conversion rates!

Other studies claim that 1 second equals to 7% loss in conversions. Now, I don't have the data to back that claim, but it makes sense to me.

If you are somewhat like me, you click on ads all the time... and if the page does not load right away, I'm gone!

What does a 7% loss mean to your business?

I love writing code and I've been playing around with websites for more than 15 years.

Who am I? ...and why do I care?

I care because I don't like my own or my client's businesses to lose money.

But I'm not here to give you a sales pitch... People just keep asking me "how to" so I made this website. But first let me tell you who I am. My name is Nico and I'm a serial programmer from Germany.

I specialize in web development and I really care about the page speed for all the websites I create. I help sites to rank higher on Google by solving their speed issues.

Alright, introductions out of the way. Let's figure what it is I do.

Here's what I've mastered and why the websites I optimize load up to 500% faster...

How You Can Measure Your Performance

Let’s pretend apple.com is your direct competitor. There is a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights.

It audits your website and shows what’s causing it to load slow. You just put in any URL and it gives you a score.

As you can see, the score of apple.com is super low. It shows only 43 for their mobile performance.

So what the tool shows us is that there is a lot of room for improvement. Let’s check another website. coca-cola.com ...it’s even worse ...just a 3 for mobile users. Ridiculous!

Now, Apple and Coca-Cola are big brands and they get away with bad scores.

But why, Nico? Why is that so?...

Because they have a brand bonus: Everyone in world already knows them. These brands just don’t need to proof that they are awesome. They just are!

But more importantly, they have a budget. A big budget...

If you have big budgets too, you may model what they are doing and keep on improving something else within your business... no big deal.

I would be sad because I believe you might be missing out... but it's fine - we can still be friends!

So, most of us are not as big as Apple or Coca-Cola. We don’t have a brand bonus. And it is no secret that Google factors in the page load time to rank our sites.

Now go to PageSpeed Insights and check your website. Do you have an amazing score already? That’s great, you´re doing a really good job!

Secret sauce: Check the sites of your competitors and see if you can get an edge over them.

Amazon PageSpeed Score

Website Speed Is A Great Way To Improve Your Conversions

Why a Slow Website Kills Your Profits?

If you have a terrible score like most of us do when we are just starting out ...then Google PageSpeed Insights shows you exactly what you need to do to improve your website speed.

Imagine if your website load time is reduced by 100%, 200% or even up to 500%. What would that mean for your business?


If you go to a store and you're waiting in the checkout line ...and the wait time to just get to the cashier is 5, 10 minutes or more ....if you're even semi busy like I am, you'll have a major issue with that.

It's inefficient!

And online business is even worse! Because online you only need one click to see what a competitor has to offer.

If you ask me, a slow website gives plenty of reason to buy from someone else!

How You Can Leverage My Expertise

Google PageSpeed Insights is a brilliant tool to audit your website.

But for most people, even for developers ...the "optimization instructions" provided are overwhelming.

When I first started optimizing my own websites, I had no idea where to start!

Even as a developer with many years of experience I had to put in a lot of research.

As a business owner, you are most likely not interested in all these technical details. It’s just not worth your time.

Here's a shortcut: Guess what, you can hire me to optimize your website.

And risk free because I only work on sites that I really can perform miracles on.

And if don't ...I'll just give you your money back! No question asked and we will still be friends!

Write me an email at mail@optimizationcheckmate.com to learn more about my work and my 100% refund policy.

And if you really want to know what it is like to work with me, then check the video testimonial down below!

Nico Engler Signature

I make your website fast or you get your money back - no questions asked.

From a 33 to a 99 out of a 100 on a platform that everybody said you can’t even get close to those scores.

- Doreen Banaszak


100/100 PageSpeed Score OptimizationCheckmate

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