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I Help Business Owners to Improve their Website Loading Speed and PageSpeed Scores.

Website Speed Sells
A study by Amazon

Did you know that every second delay in your website loads may result in a loss of 1% of your revenue? Don’t take my words – that’s what Amazon found in a recent study.

1% for every second? That’s a big deal! Of course, you are not as big as Amazon… But are you really willing to give up 1% of your revenue for every second your page takes to load?

Other studies show that a 1-second delay in page load time equals to 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. It further leads to a 7% loss in conversions. But luckily, there is a solution.

  1. Fact: 1 Second Equals Up To 7% of Your Revenue

  2. Optimize Your Website Load Speed

  3. And Protect Your Source of Income

  1. I am a Professional Web Developer

  2. My Superpower? Ultra-fast Websites!

  3. I Outperform Big Competitors on Speed

Nico Engler from OptimizationCheckmate

Why Me?

Listen, I'm not a marketing Guru so I'm not here to give you a sales pitch. I'm just tired of people asking me "how to" so I made this website. But first let me tell you who I am. My name is Nico and I'm a serial programmer from Germany. OptimizationCheckmate based in Germany

I specialize in web development and I really care about page speed for the sites I create. I have seen sites going to page one on Google's organic search for their main keyword after fixing their speed problems.

Alright, introductions out of the way. Let's get to the meat.

Here's what I've mastered and why I'm able to take any website and optimize it to load up to 500% faster - and for my personal sites, get them to load faster than Amazon.com, Apple.com or even Coca-Cola.com.

What Clients Say

About My Services

97% Success Rate

From a 33 to a 99 out of a 100 on a platform that everybody said you can’t even get close to those scores.

Doreen Banaszak, burjushoes.com

How You Can Measure Your Performance

Here... watch this... Let’s have a look at Apple.com. There is a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights. The tool made by Google audits your website and shows what’s causing it to load slow. You just put in any URL and it gives you a score.

As you can see, the score of Apple.com is super low. It shows only 43 for their mobile performance. Mobile devices will make up the majority of the traffic for most sites. Keep an extra eye on that because this is where most of your revenue is coming from.

So what the tool is telling me is that there is a lot of room for improvement. Let’s check another website. Coca-Cola.com… it’s even worse...3 for mobile users. Ridiculous!

Now, Apple and Coca-Cola are really big brands and big brands can get away with bad scores. Why? Because they have the brand bonus: Everyone already knows them. These brands just don’t need to look awesome in the eyes of Google.

But most of us are not as big as Apple or Coca-Cola. We don’t have the brand bonus. And it is no secret that Google factors in the page load time to rank our sites. So, our goal is to get a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights. That will help our visitors to engange with our offer.

Now go to PageSpeed Insights and check your website. Do you have an amazing score already? That’s great, you´re doing a really good job!

Amazon PageSpeed Score

Free PageSpeed Check

Hey, check this! I've created a sophisticated, yet free tool that identifies all your website pagespeed bottlenecks. Type in your website and download the free report.

Nico Engler, Senior Web Developer

4.90 "It's like the bird's-eye view of what's causing my website to load slow." - Maja S.

  1. Google Says Website Speed is a Ranking Factor

  2. Gigantic Brands Don't Need This Optimization

  3. All Other Sites, Like You And Me, Must Strive For A High Score

How a Slow Website Affects Your Business

If you have a terrible score like most of us do when we are just starting out, then Google PageSpeed Insights shows you what you need to do to improve your speed.

Imagine if your website load time is reduced by 100%, 200% or even up to 500%. What would that mean for your website, ecommerce store or client’s business?

Listen, faster website load speed means more traffic. More traffic means more engagement and ultimately more sales.

If you go to a store and you're waiting in the checkout line... and the wait time to just get to the cashier is 5, 10 minutes or more.... if you're even semi busy like I am, you'll have a major issue with that.

It's inefficient. Websites are no different!

What the former head of the Webspam Team at Google Says

Speeding up your website is a great thing to do in general. Visitors to your site will be happier (and might convert more or use your site more), and a faster web will be better for all...

- Matt Cutts
Former head of the webspam team at Google

How You Can Leverage My Expertise

Look, Google PageSpeed Insights is a brilliant tool to audit your website. You can use it as often as you want and check on how your website is doing.

But for most people, even for developers the optimization instructions provided are overwhelming. When I first started optimizing my own websites, I had no idea where to start!

The information provided by the tools is just too technical and vague. Even as a developer with many years of experience I had to put in a lot of research.

Luckily, I had a lot of websites to optimize. So, reading through all the articles and blogs about page speed optimization was a good investment of my time. I am an expert now! And because my sites are super-fast, I stay ahead of my competitors. And that's my superpower!

As a website owner, you are most likely not interested in all these technical details. It’s just not worth your time. Even if you are a developer… Do you really want to focus on learning a skill that you really only need once?

The internet is packed with tutorials about page speed optimization, but the truth is… Every website is different. Some people use WordPress, others use a custom built. It just takes a lot of time to grasp all the bits and bytes about page speed optimization.

With hundreds of pages optimized, I am now going to help YOU to boost your website speed. On my website, you can find a free tool that unveils all the bottlenecks that cause your site to load so slow. Also, you can hire me personally to optimize your website.

Together we define a target score. If I somehow can't meet it, you'll get your money back. 100% - No questions asked!

Nico Engler Signature

  1. I Make Your Website Super Fast

  2. You Leverage My Professional Expertise

  3. You Get a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  4. You Don't Pay an Expensive Agency

  5. You Save Your Valuable Time

  6. You Don't Need to Learn the Optimization Skill

  7. You Don't Need to Read Thousands of Pages

  8. You Will Not Accidentally Break Your Site

  9. You Will Not Have Any Ongoing Costs

Google's Official Speed Announcement

On Nov 11th, 2019 Google officially announced that they will expose slow websites in the near future. Their official announcement reads:

In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging.

As a result, your website may be flagged as slow inside the search results.

Now imagine, what would that mean for your business?

A Few More Client Voices

Marie S. from USA

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I was looking for someone who would help me to improve my website’s speed. Nico delivers 100% on that. It’s always a pleasure working and chatting with him. I also requested a few small layout changes that I were not able to do myself and he delivered on that too. He’s one of the best I’ve worked with.

Dan P. from USA

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My blog has been managed by a friend of mine who is more like a hobby programmer. In my SEO bible I read about page speed optimization and googled someone to hire. I initially found someone on another site, but he could not help. Finally, I came across Nico’s service and wrote him an email. I decided to give it a shot. My optimization has just been 3 days ago and my score went from zero to hero (94).

Herbert C. from Germany

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Our inhouse developer was able to get our website speed from 74 to 88. However, we were still second on Google. Our competitor has a score of 95 so we were desperately trying to improve it further. Nico audited our site and figured that our hoster was performing bad. He suggested to migrate the site to a faster hoster and helped to do so. 94 so far! We are pretty happy with what Nico has done for us!

Mareike K. from Germany

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Me and my husband manage multiple homepages for local businesses. We are mostly using wordpress for our websites. I came across a tutorial and installed a plugin called W3 Totalcache to improve my page speed. However, we were not able to get beyond 77%. Nico audited our system and added functionality that would compress our images. We are now celebrating a solid 91 for our main website.

Stanislav P. from Russia

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My page took 7 seconds to load and I always thought this is just the way it is. I am not a technical person (even though I wish I were) and reached out to Nico for help. Not only did he improve my website speed, but also fixed a few bugs. We stay in touch and he regularly ask how things are going. Now that my page is super fast, I am more than happy to recommend him to my friends.

Petr J. from Czech

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We ordered this service 7 times so far. Needless to say that we highly value and appreciate Nico´s service.

Robert A. from USA

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At first I could not believe that one additional second loading time would result in 1% loss of revenue. But still I was curious and tried Nico´s service. I own a couple of online shops and tried the optimization on a less important shop at first. My conversion rate ramped up from 2.5% to 3.2%! I will hire Nico to do the same for my other stores.

Tracy K. from Canada

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We´ve been working with Nico for years on various projects. When he announced his new service offering page speed optimization, we didn’t even know what that was. We emailed Nico and he walked us exactly through the bottle necks of our site. We hired him right away and we don’t regret it. Nico has roughly reduced our load time by 2 seconds. We highly recommend this guy.

Juris T. from Latvia

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My sister told me about this service. She was so happy and I just could not believe the impact the optimization had for her. I had to try it myself. No regrets!

Heinrich N. from Austria

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I was impressed on what this guy delivers. He did not only improve my website page speed by 10%, but also showed me problems my layout has especially for mobile users. And Nico fixed these right away! Highly underrated service. Stunning work ethics!

Philipp S. from Canada

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I have worked with Nico for a little more than 1 year and am very pleased with his performance. He is very professional, talented and helpful. He also suggested improvements beyond the scope of his page speed optimization service. I don’t hesitate to recommend Nico to my friends.

Maja S. from Sweden

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We started with the free report. It's like the bird's-eye view of what's causing my website to load slow. We went on and worked with Nico on 2 key projects and are quite pleased with the results. On one of our sites, the performance went from 7 seconds to 3 seconds. Our experience with Nico’s optimization service was very satisfactory and I would definitely recommend him.